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Plug into the hemp industry with the Hemp Plug

We place you at the forefront of the booming cannabis industry

The Hemp Plug is a nationally recognized manufacturer proud to provide a large selection of private label full spectrum hemp extract products made to the surpass the highest standards for quality in the USA. As a prominent global supplier and cannabis industry leader, The Hemp Plug offers large and small  businesses opportunities to create and distribute custom lines of hemp products tailored to their company’s mission and goals.

We are plugged in and ready to perform for you

At The Hemp Plug, our creative team, formulation experts and marketing gurus make launching your line of hemp extract products, quick, easy and within budget. In fact, we can take you from concept to finished product and have you ready to sell in under two weeks time. We pride ourselves on being fast, efficient and actively promoting the industry.

We help you to stay ahead of the trends

Your bring us your idea, your industry or your target market and we can help you create a brand destined for success. By 2020, the cannabis industry boom will have seen exponential growth and the product selection for hemp extracts will be expansive. Now is the time to leverage our expertise to be ahead of the trends and ride the wave that is bringing hemp extract to the masses. We have everything you need in place to guide you in creating the next must-have product or the latest successful hemp extract brand. At The Hemp Plug, we offer tailored customization as well as confidential private labeling and branding.

On-Trend Full spectrum Hemp Products

The Hemp Plug is your premier partner for creating your own branded private label full spectrum hemp extract brand. When planning to launch your own private labeled hemp extract products , there is no better partner than The Hemp Plug. The Hemp Plug brings speed and efficiency to the white label branding and marketing process while providing everything entrepreneurs need to succeed at their fingertips.

About The Hemp Plug

At The Hemp Plug, we believe in the holistic benefits of the hemp plant that works synergistically with other natural ingredients to promote overall health and well-being.

Our 100% natural hemp oil products are sourced from virgin organic full spectrum hemp oil and are free from harsh chemicals, additives and fillers. All our products are Non GMO, gluten free, sourced from organic hemp grown on sustainable farms and made in the USA.

We conduct redundant third party testing and enlist extensive quality control and quality assurance methods to be certain that all our organically sourced and natural hemp-based products meet the highest possible standards for purity, efficacy and freshness with zero contamination.

A Whole Lot More Than Just a Private Label Hemp Company

At The Hemp Plug, we can do far more than just the formulation and labeling of your products. Our turnkey process puts everything you need at your fingertips from manufacturing and packaging, to marketing and distribution. All you need is your funding and your dream. We can do the rest. The process begins with a high level discussion of your mission and goals. We can are ready to take part in the process or take over the process. We can be involved at whatever level you like, or that fits your budget. Once we identify your needs, we work with you side-by-side to create the most effective product formulations, label specifications, packaging design, and infrastructure— to your exacting standards. We can provide you with guidance and support every step of the way. We can even help you to create a strong marketing presence with an e-commerce website that speeds you to retail. We are prepared to support your move to market with SEO/SEM, collateral and marketing materials, fully integrated advertising campaigns, shipping, logistics, customer service and much more.

We know what you need to sell. We don’t stop until you are successful. We can go as far as to help create fully integrated marketing and advertising campaigns to expand and grow your business.

The benefits of The Hemp Plug private label program are exponential for a startup looking fro speed to market efficiency. The Hemp Plug is the premier USA-based private label full spectrum hemp extract manufacturer that can help you create, build and manage a fully integrated, hemp  business from top to bottom. When you partner with The Hemp Plug, you will gain access to a dedicated team of professionals and experts in the cannabis industry, just one email or phone call away. With The Hemp Plug’s turnkey hemp business solutions, you can set your idea in motion and work with us to make your business grow and claim your own piece of America’s fastest growing industry.



We can help you to launch the next big thing in hemp.

By analyzing trends, data points and research, we stay ahead of the market and can provide you with the information you need to make educated decisions. We have the capabilities to offer hemp product options in over 20 categories and more than 300 flavors. We manufacture hemp and e-liquid products that set trends and create demand. Call on us to create, brand, design and customize packaging for you and specifically designed to meet your mission and goals.


Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts

In 2017, the sales of hemp extract grew by over 40% to reach $367M total. This number is expected to grow to $2B in the next three years. We can help you create and market your product fast so you can be among the companies experiencing over 30% growth monthly.


Expert Planning and Support

We have the expertise required to guide you through the process. From choosing the right branding to appeal to your target audience, to creating a brand look and voice that can cut through an industry cluttered with new players. The Hemp Plug lets you draw from its deep industry expertise and knowledge so you can avoid the common pitfalls of startup hemp companies.


Full Service Marketing and Branding

We have all the tools to help you launch your company from branding, packaging, design and more— and the best part is that it’s all in one place. Not only do you get a turnkey hemp business, but you get a support team of professionals dedicated to making your business a success.


Get a Foothold in America’s Fastest Growing Industry

When you are ready to cash in on the hemp industry, you will find no better partner than The Hemp Plug. We have a program for every level and every budget. We can match your drive with dedication, expertise and the capabilities you need to succeed in a booming but competitive American industry.




Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extraction Methods

The Hemp Plug uses the industry’s gold standard for hemp extraction, i.e. supercritical CO2 extraction, to ensure quality and holistic integrity of the hemp plant. Other extraction methods use intense heat or chemical solvents and result in impurities and a breakdown of the hemp plants natural benefits, which it is our mission to preserve.  Supercritical CO2 extraction is a gentle process that preserves the beneficial natural compounds in the hemp plant while keeping it free of chemicals and impurities.

Every batch of our full spectrum hemp oil products are individually tested by a independent third party and certified for ingredients, quality and potency. This guarantees that everything that we put in the bottle, is stated clearly and honestly on the label. No fancy marketing speak, no misleading statements about concentrations, just the pure, perfect full spectrum hemp oil you and your customers deserve.


Trusted Hemp Products Organically Sourced

The Hemp Plug products are sourced from organic industrial hemp and made with quality natural and organic ingredients. All our products are non GMO and made in the USA.



Focused Customer Service Team

Our exceptional customer service reps give you the full support you need to easily run your business.

Scientifically Formulated Products

Our quality is unquestionably high making sales easier. The audience is growing and becoming more informed about hemp so there is no longer room for error.

Innovations that are far from Standard

At The Hemp Plug, we take an innovative approach to everything we do— from growing and sourcing raw organic hemp to creating cutting-edge hemp formulations.  The Hemp Plug is the leader when it comes to quality manufacturing and turnkey hemp industry solutions.

We Help You Every Step Of The Way.

With our easy and cutting-edge affiliate system, you have unlimited access to your all of your stats, 24/7, as well as support from our experts. We focus on making your selling as easy as possible!

The Hemp Plug is an affordable quality option for entrepreneurs

As a leading hemp extract manufacturer in the USA, we provide custom private labeled hemp products to businesses across the globe. We are proud to be recognized in the industry as the suppliers of choice when quality is your mission. We are now proud to add affordability to our lit of attributes as we have programs that lessen the risks and financial burdens for entrepreneurs of all levels seeking to take part in the cannabis industry boom. The Hemp Plug uses a Certified ISO 7 Clean Room Facility to create our full spectrum hemp extract oil products. A safe, controlled, clean and contaminant-free environment ensures a better product. Our QA laboratories work diligently to ensure every product we make is of the highest quality and certifiable for purity, potency and efficacy.

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