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PUFFScoin Claimed

656 George St, Sydney, NS B1P 1K9


Business Details

Next-gen blockchain services for the cannabis industry and consumer.

We are very pleased to announce the public launch date for our autonomous blockchain platform, PUFFScoin, set for April 20, 2019. We are confident in the utility and efficacy of a comprehensive niche- market blockchain which will be used to employ smart contracts and decentralized applications adapted or designed for the cannabis industry and consumer to radically improve the entire cannabis industry, providing transparent financial and marketing services which have been, even recently, censored and proscribed by transnational corporate media providers. We believe we have the design in place to provide that digital ecosystem to the cannabis industry, providing unparalleled efficiency, cost effectiveness and security alongside a common service economy.

As a corporate body and development group, we subscribe to the belief that blockchain technology should also provide a notable social impact, and our own projects should align with our social and philosophical values, to build something which creates positive change in the world. We have a dedication to utilizing the blockchain not only to augment and equalize the cannabis industry but to also apply this technology’s ethical and philanthropic standards to provide a regulated and hard-coded funding mechanism built into the core operational protocols of the blockchain. Transaction fees populated across the network through "gas costs", normally remitted to  miners on top of their block reward, will be instead allocated to a community-governed fund which will partner with licensed producers, medical dispensaries and veteran’s advocacy groups to provide cannabis to veterans and first responders. for veteran and first responders’ access to medical cannabis through strategic partnerships set up with licensed producers, dispensaries and advocacy groups.

We have been establishing the architecture for this project for nearly two years, following a multi-disciplinary approach to establish utility and functionality for our project, establishing the PUFFScoin brand beyond the borders of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Already we have released several ancillary products and have been operating our private business PUFFS testnet for several months.


Our website is online at puffscoin.leafycauldronapothecary.com.


The Leafy Cauldron Apothecary is the parent company for PUFFScoin and Core Development team hosted applications. The Leafy Cauldron is a registered partnership in the Province of Nova Scotia (https://rjsc.gov.ns.ca/rjsc/search/doSearch.do - Registry ID 3313499), and we are at present in the process of incorporation. will host our PUFFScoin website as well as other ancillary projects as subdomains. These secondary projects are built with the ideal of forthcoming whole integration onto the PUFFScoin blockchain, and currently serve as brand building amenities, establishing a wide-ranging user base.

BONGgoggles (https://www.bonggoggles.ca/) is our social network, designed presently as a bare-bones sort of Facebook application. We released BONGgoggles to combat the wave of censorship against various cannabis related pages and groups on traditional corporate-run social-media and networking sites. BONGgoggles also serves as a protest against social media sites exploiting the end-user as a commodity, selling generated data to third-party marketing conglomerates. The Android app for BONGgoggles is available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8psmr6p4ewjobvs/BongGoggles.apk

The reefer.review is our cannabis news service, with a focus on “cryptocannabis” projects, as well as human interest stories. The reefer.review is currently on hiatus as we redesign the webpage with the forward focus towards imminent incorporation with a smart-contract driven ecosystem for decentralized journalism and news distribution. We hope to incentivize not only journalists and writers, but those who take the time to read the articles and contribute to the story.

Establishment year:
656 George St, Sydney, NS B1P 1K9

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lead developer
abvhiael stuart (+)
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