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Pakalolo Supply Co.

1851 Fox Avenue, Fairbanks, Alaska 99701


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Alaska's first state-licensed recreational marijuana retail dispensary

Based in Fairbanks, Pakalolo Supply Co. is Alaska's first state-licensed recreational marijuana retail dispensary to offer recreational cannabis products in the state of Alaska.

Pakalolo Supply Co.

Pakalolo Supply Co. is a Fairbanks marijuana dispensary that strives to be one of the original and premier craft cannabis retailers in the state of Alaska, with a focus on high quality and exclusivity. Through their onsite cultivation center, they are proud to provide marijuana enthusiasts of Alaska product and experience unmatched anywhere in the state.

The founder of Pakalolo Supply Co initially got into the cannabis industry through a personal link. His sister had seizures and epilepsy all through her growing up, and while she was managing them, it struck a particular chord when they heard other people were using high-CBD cannabis to control their symptoms. His parents requested that he and his fellow cultivators to see if he could create something for his sister and their efforts coincided with Alaska legalizing recreational marijuana use. Deciding this was something important they could do as a business and contribute to the community, he and his founding team opened Pakalolo Supply Co in October of 2016 as a destination craft cannabis store.

As a Fairbanks marijuana dispensary, Pakalolo Supply Co prides itself on providing the highest quality and most natural cannabis in the state of Alaska. Pakalolo is the Hawaiian name for marijuana, and they strive to bring that island vibe to their Alaskan cannabis. They use only natural and high-quality materials, and they work in their on-site cultivation center with geneticists to create strains of flower exclusively available at their establishment. As they grow, they aim to work with all local cannabis cultivators and manufacturers to offer their Alaskan visitors the highest quality marijuana experience around.

Working with local Alaskan companies to supply their marijuana dispensary, Pakalolo Supply Co offers anywhere between 10-15 strains and will work to add additional cannabis strains and products as they expand and more businesses open in the state. They grow their flowers under LED lights, and their signature strains include Mauna Kea Whitefire OG and Pele Fire OG, both powerful Indica hybrids only found at Pakalolo Supply Co. in Alaska. Their Fairbanks dispensary also offer a range of cannabis accessories, including rolling papers, pipes, bongs, grinders and apparel. All of their products are tested as required by state law.

Pakalolo Supply Co is a marijuana dispensary that accepts cash only at this time, and their cannabis specialists are available to answer any product questions or concerns over the phone. Parking is plentiful at the dispensary, and walk-ins are welcome anytime.

Service Locations:
Based in Fairbanks, Alaska, Pakalolo Supply Co is just south of the Johansen Expressway and north of the Chena River. They proudly serve cannabis connoisseurs in the Fairbanks, College, Chena, Ester, Fox, Clear Creek Park, North Pole, Moose Creek, Two Rivers and Chatanika as well as all of the Fairbanks North Star Borough.

Location Information:
Fairbanks is the largest city in the interior region of Alaska, based along the Tanana River and accessible by the 2 freeway. To the east lies the Chena River State Recreation Area, with the Creamer’s Field State Migratory Waterfowl Refuge to the north. Fairbanks International Airport brings visitors from across the world into this larger city, and the Bentley Mall is notable for being the northernmost shopping mall in the United States. The Ladd Army Airfield hosts a variety of different aircraft, and the Fairbanks Golf Course provides acres of greenery for golf lovers. Throughout the interior of Alaska, Palakolo is pleased to offer its craft cannabis services to visitors.

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1851 Fox Avenue, Fairbanks, Alaska 99701
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