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8213 Secor Road #583, Lambertville, Michigan 48144

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You Source for Safe Innovative Vape Pen Technology.

O2VAPE is an industry leader in the vape pen space with a focus on providing consumers with high quality vape pen products and helping oil manufacturer's find trustworthy and safe cartridges to package their products in.  From unique 510 thread battery designs to ground breaking vape cartridge technology, we don't approach vape technology from the perspective of a commodity in a cost competition, we approach it as a product that can always be improved on and must be backed with quality and service.  All of our cartridges are tested to pass the strictest state regulations and all of our batteries include safety protocols that ensure safe vaping and storage.

Why Do Customers Choose O2VAPE:

We have a long history of providing competitively price product that don't break.  The vape pen industry is filled with garbage products that end up in sock drawers after being purchased at cut rates through gas stations and kiosks. We are focused on providing an additional value through lifetime warranties, durable designs, stringent QC processes and a quality look and feel.  On top of that we add unique value through features you just don't find with other products.  We believe an educated customer is a good customer and are driven to provide an accurate and informative website that will help you make the right decision when searching for products.

Why Do Oil Manufacturers Source with O2VAPE:

We supply wholesale, sourcing and branding services to many of the biggest names in vape oil production. They choose O2VAPE because we are experts in the field who have developed a high level of trust and rapport.  We put the client first and are always a call away.  The value add of having a representative that will help guide you through sourcing, importing, customs, testing, QC and speed up your sales cycle at the same time is immeasurable to the health of your business. Take a look at our wholesale vape cartridges page to get a sense of the quality you can expect.

Visit our website for a wealth of knowledge, including the most informative guides to help you choose the right battery, cart, kit or supplier.

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8213 Secor Road #583, Lambertville, Michigan 48144

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