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10620 Southern Highlands Pkwy, Suite 110-386, Las Vegas, NV 89141


Business Details

No High CBD is an online retailer of legal cannabis products to support the overall health and wellness through the alternative supplement cannabidoil (CBD).

Hey! Great to See You Here!

We are not high. I mean, No High… yeah, we are NO HIGH! We started out our adventure on January 4th, 2017 after realizing the way people looked at CBD. Why are people afraid of taking CBD? Why do people shy away from it as if they’re being judged? We had a closer look at the industry, and what we found baffled us.

WEED brands were pushing CBD products yet, the two are materially different – both physiologically, and chemically. These brands were green and in brown bottles, reminiscent of the roots of growing a plant meant to alter your mind and get you high. We (No High) on the other hand found our “roots” studying chemistry, science, biology, and volunteering. We bring a unique perspective to the industry others can’t just copy by slapping their label on someone else’s brown-colored bottle.

We then decided we need to test the market ourselves, and we surveyed people one-by-one. We’d mix a few bottles of pure CBD isolate up and, at random, ask people to try it.

The results we received interested us. People suffering from ailments like pain, arthritis, PTSD, and anxiety were willing to try CBD out. In fact, most admitted to having already resorted to smoking marijuana for relief. When we told them that our product could provide the same relief as marijuana, but without the high, their eyes lit up with joy. Many were still asking themselves “What is CBD oil?” at the time.

It was at that point that we knew we had something unique, a rare flower if you will. People are out there suffering; people who can’t afford prescription drugs because they either don’t have insurance or the cash to afford it. There are countless others who don’t like taking prescription drugs, period.

Many asked if there would be any CBD drug interactions if they took both at the same time. What we didn’t expect to find out was that our CBD oil worked as a replacement for symptom relief to the very prescriptions they were complaining about.

A Humble Beginning

We’d now identified a problem that needed solving, and many had told us that we’d actually already solved it. However, we aren’t the type to jump to conclusions, and we certainly didn’t have the capital available at hand to afford us further research and development. Hence, we consulted for CBD companies who shared our passion.

We worked hard at bringing these companies up. We gave away our secrets in exchange for knowing that they would benefit the greater good. However, in the end, the consulting relationships with these CBD companies didn’t pan out, so we decided to leave them and joined forces as a team. All we needed was an investor.

Unfortunately, an investor never came. While we sat around a campfire one breezy night, we came to a conclusion. We NEEDED to find a way to share our gift with the world. So we scratched our heads and tried to find ways to fund this venture. A business like this would need a website, an office, machinery, computers, lawyers, insurance and more.

The decision was made that we would bootstrap and forge forward by spending as many hours as possible working toward building something incredible from home, remotely, rather than find an investor to finance our vision.

Here We Are

Now we find ourselves here, and by we, we mean you and us both. You’ve arrived on our website seeking our CBD oil for sale not by chance, but by fate. It’s not been over one year since we were sitting at that campfire, and I hope that you enjoy what you see.

We’ve watched the CBD industry “grow” and have witnessed countless other companies popping up and flopping. It seems these days that everyone and their cousin “has a CBD business,” but those who do/did weren’t taking into consideration that not all CBD is treated equal (see our article about the difference between CBD oil types).

All of our CBD products are sourced in the United States of America and are hemp-derived, not marijuana-derived. When you think of our brand “No High” that is exactly what you’re getting. Under federal law for CBD, the cannabis plant is considered to be “hemp” when it contains 0.3% or less Δ9 THC by dry weight analysis. Since Δ9 THC is responsible for the “high” feeling of marijuana, it’s absence from hemp leaves only the plant’s benefits behind.

While we may be a bit leaner than bigger companies, we’re certainly also more adaptive. In addition to that, we’re a strong team that works well together and compliment each other’s weaknesses. Rather than adding dead-weight, we automate. Heavy lifting becomes a lot lighter when you’re smart about it.

You could almost call us “family-owned” but we’re actually friend-owned, as we’d decided to do this together or not at all. We hope you can appreciate that about us!

Where We’re Going

We’re committed to bringing you information about CBD that you can use to make your own decision on whether it’s for you or not. For a surprising many, it is. However, that doesn’t mean that includes you. Our focus or rather, our unique selling point, is that we take CBD seriously.

You won’t find any short articles with “thin” content on our website. Rather, we believe in providing you with as much possible about each topic we choose to write about. We are committed to that goal to the degree that even this “About Us” page is exhaustive in nature (you should see our CBD help page!)

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10620 Southern Highlands Pkwy, Suite 110-386, Las Vegas, NV 89141
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