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Glacier Drive, Westwood, Massachusetts 02090


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The Microfluidizer® processor technology is the only technology that can create nano-sized emulsions or encapsulations (liposomes) that meet all of the above requirements. The Microfluidizer® processor provides the highest uniform shear rates on the market by utilizing a fixed geometry interaction chamber and extremely high constant processing pressures. The Microfluidizer® technology is also guaranteed to scale up so that product processing and results are consistent from development to manufacturing. In addition, CGMP compliant Microfluidizer® processors have a proven track record meeting all FDA requirements for food and pharmaceutical production.

Molecular weight reduction of cannabis oil is common practice. This technique reduces the viscosity and makes the oil easier to work with in delivery methods such as vaporizers. Chemical processing to reduce the molecular weight of cannabis oil can modify the chemical structure of cannabinoids. Chemicals also add cost and undesirable contaminants; this increases the requirements for approval, testing and regulation. A Microfluidizer®processor is superior to a chemical approach because it does not alter the cannabinoids, and it is clean! Microfluidizer® processors are both Clean-in-Place (CIP) and Steam-in-Place (SIP) capable.

For recreational and therapeutic cannabis producers, extractors, and processors who want improved products, the Microfluidizer® high shear processors provide a scalable solution with the highest efficiency. The resulting unique formulations will differentiate your products with improved shelf life, stability, and effectiveness, all while allowing the manufacturer to significantly reducing the amount of expensive cannabis oil.

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Glacier Drive, Westwood, Massachusetts 02090

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